In Banja Luka, from 7-10 March 2016. the project's 1.1 activity "Analysis of current situation about internationalization and recognition mechanisms" was realized. The meeting was organized first day in the capacities of Government of Republika Srpska (administration center) and second day at the University of Business studies. Total of 27 participants from 15 different project partners were participated to the meeting. Detail list of institutions and participants is shown at picture bellow. Only representatives of University of Bihac didn’t attend to the meeting because of justifiable reasons. On the first day, all participants were registered on time, but the meeting start was late for 30 minutes because of technical problems with equipment (computer and projector) of Ministry of education and culture of Republika Srpska. The meeting was officially opened by Jelena Starcevic - senior associate of Ministry for Education and Culture of Republika Srpska and officially nominated me... More info

The project consortium of STINT, from 7-10. March in Banja Luka will hold regularly meeting titled “1.1. Analysis of current situation about internationalisation and recognition mechanisms“ within the work package 1. This meeting will be organized by Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska and by Higher Education Accreditation Agency of Republic of Srpska. It is envisaged the participation of all project partners. The plan is to present the internationalization by the EU project partners, as well as the recognition of qualifications in order to B&H project partners acquire basic knowledge and skills on these topics respecting and understanding EU experiences. Then, after the introductory presentations, all project partners will present evaluation of current state in internationalization and recognition of qualifications in order to determine the current level of development of the project partners. EU project partners will also make similar analysis. In this way p... More info

At the University of Gent (Belgium), from 24-27. January 2016. the kick-off meeting was held within the “Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of higher education“ project “Strengthening of Internationalisation in B&H Higher Education“ (STINT). All project partners were participated to this kick-off meeting (16). After opening words, the project as a whole was presented by the project coordinator. This was followed by presentations of all project partners and theirs identifications in the project. The organizational structure was proposed and accepted by all project partners. After, the grant agreement was presented by the project coordinator, as well as guideline for the contract realization. All work packages are presented in detail, through the possible physics, activities, tasks, methods of implementation and budget. The Communication Management Plan, Dissemination and Sustainability plan, Risk Management Plan, Conflict Resolution Template, Quality Policy Paper, evaluatio... More info