Training in Gent will be held from 13-16 March 2017.

In Ghent, from 13-16 March 2017. the training will be held related to project activity 3.3. ( Host of this training is KU Leuven, the project coordinator. Participants for this meeting will be staff from BH public universities, students from BH public universities and staff from partner state/ entity agencies and ministries. Topics for this training will be oriented on:

1. Int’l strategy and indicators. Key points. Responsibilities? Control? Coordination? Measuring?

2. Recognition of qualifications gained on other European and world institution? Continuation of education on your institution? Recognition the whole qualifications, for employment? Recognition of courses? Difference between academic and professional studies? Recognition of ECTS? Level of recognition at the institution?

3. Self-Evaluation of int’l at institution. Evaluation of Int’l within accreditation.

4. Int’l structure at the level of university, Int’l structure on faculties and study programs. Legal form of internationalization. Rulebooks. Statute – Int’l.

5. Int’l activities by Int’l office? Exchange of students, study abroad, partnerships, events, projects, research, curriculum, marketing, recruitment, alumni, strategy, information, policy advice, rulebooks.

6. Internationalization of curriculum. Quality and int’l of the curriculum. Int’l in teaching and learning. Joint/ double programs. Summer schools for int’l students. Coordination and administration. Teaching languages.

7. Internationalization of research. International conferences.

8. Dissemination of information for students? Teachers and researchers? Administrative staff? Models of dissemination?

9. Financial aspects of int'l (budget amount, investments by Institution). Funding opportunities. Institutional funding. Regional/ National funding.

10. Students’ mobility. Academic staff mobility. Students in mobility and in other activities of Int’l (students of KU should present their experiences in mobility and other activities)? Administration and coordination of students’ mobility. Recruitment and admission of international students. Administration and coordination of staff mobility and visiting professors.

The aim of this training is that educated staff with students further educates BH academic community and students about important topics and practical issues related to internationalization.