Banja Luka meeting announcement, 7-10 March 2016

The project consortium of STINT, from 7-10. March in Banja Luka will hold regularly meeting titled “1.1. Analysis of current situation about internationalisation and recognition mechanisms“ within the work package 1. This meeting will be organized by Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska and by Higher Education Accreditation Agency of Republic of Srpska.

It is envisaged the participation of all project partners.

The plan is to present the internationalization by the EU project partners, as well as the recognition of qualifications in order to B&H project partners acquire basic knowledge and skills on these topics respecting and understanding EU experiences.

Then, after the introductory presentations, all project partners will present evaluation of current state in internationalization and recognition of qualifications in order to determine the current level of development of the project partners. EU project partners will also make similar analysis.

In this way provides for the exchange of experiences between the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Consortium and executive board meetings will be held.

Previous tasks from the kick-off meeting will be in detail analyzed.

Special emphasis will be on work in small groups. All project partners will participate in analysis all questions in proposed questionnaires about internationalization and recognition of qualifications.

Dynamic of future activities will be presented for the next period.

You can download Agenda.