1.1 Analysis of current situation about internationalisation and recognition mechanisms

The aim of this activity is to gain an overall impression of the current state of affairs in regards to internationalisation and recognition mechanisms on the national and entity levels. Correspondingly, it will be important to acquire an impression from the level of all BH partner universities. All partners ought to provide a clear overview of the current situation in terms of qualitative and quantitative measures on the state of internationalisation and recognition mechanisms. This activity will offer a rough overview of the current situation. The emphasis will be on the exchange of experiences and good practices with EU partners. The inputs of this activity are well prepared staff to represent the current state of their institutions and their ability to grasp the European cultural context.

Through this seminar, an initial comparative analysis between the project partners will be made.

This activity will be carried out through a seminar in Banja Luka at WP’s leader institution. Total duration of the activity is four days and it is foreseen that all project partners attend the seminar.

An evaluation of satisfaction of the four-day seminar will be conducted through a questionnaire, as well as the identification of areas for improvement of the quality of the next event.

The indicators of progress will be reflected in the number of participants, the number of presentations held, and the number/quality of the final report. Dissemination of all aforementioned will be carried out by reporting on the implementation at home institution mainly through the foreseen project web portal, reports and the newsletter. The leader of this WP will be responsible for the coordination and control activities.

Type: Event, Report

Due date: 16-12-2015