1.2 Creation of the questionnaire for self-assessment of all B&H partners

The aim of this activity is development and creation of the questionnaire for evaluation of internationalisation and recognition mechanisms for all B&H partners. For creation of this questionnaire all relevant European legislation and similar studies will be consulted and all main principles will be incorporated in the questionnaire. Experience of EU partners will be of extreme importance for this deliverable. Project leader together with the EU partners will participate in the development of this tool for self-assessment. This activity will contribute to the preparation of the questionnaire which will be the basis for the implementation of activity 1.3 whose results will be the most important outcome of this WP. The questionnaire should include segments from the European and BH cultural context in order to best define the current state. The basic inputs for this activity will be the analysis of the available literature from EHEA about internationalisation and recognition mechanisms, as well as an adequate questionnaire. The questionnaire will be designed/ filled out in an electronic form.

The ultimate goal is the creation of a new form of the questionnaire. Its formation will last a total of 10 working days. The participants of this activity will be the WP leader HE Accreditation Agency of Republika Srpska, KU Leuven, Instituto Politecnico do Porto, and Buckinghamshire New University (Bucks).

The indicators of progress will be reflected in the number of pages of the questionnaire, the number of segments and questions, and lastly, the quality of the final report of the performed activities.

Dissemination of these activities will be done through reporting on implementation by the home institution through the project web portal, reports and newsletter.

The leader of this WP will be responsible for the coordination and implementation of activities.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-01-2016