2.1 Workshop for developing recognition model, internationalisation strategy and indicators

The main objective of this WP is the training of BH project partner personnel on the essential elements of models for the recognition of qualifications, the development, implementation and control strategy of internationalization, the basic elements that should be included, as well as training of staff on the development of indicators of internationalisation which should be related to the strategy. Later on, the trained personnel will play a role at their institutions as coordinators of the strategies, indicators and recognition models. This activity will provide an active contribution to the expansion of existing knowledge, abilities and skills. Given that in BH there are no recognition model, strategy and internationalisation indicators, their development and implementation will be crucial for the improvement and internationalisation processes in BH and the process of recognition of qualifications. This workshop is the input for other activities within this WP. The basic inputs for this activity are the transfer of experiences of EU partners to BH partners and the will of BH partners to gain additional knowledge and skills. Quality training materials offered by the EU partners will be a very important factor. Indicators of progress will be reflected in the number of participants, and high-quality of the final report. The level of participant satisfaction will be determined through a filled out questionnaire at the end of the seminar, which will also help to identify all areas of improvement for the next event. The workshop will last for five working days. All partners will participate in this event. WP leader is reponsible for communication between partners and overall organisation of the workshop. Dissemination of these activities will be done through reporting on implementation by the home institution through the project web portal, reports and newsletter. The leader of this WP will be responsible for the coordination and successful implementation of activities.

Type: Training material, Event, Report

Due date: 16-05-2016