2.2 Development of recognition model

The main goal of this outcome is the development of the BH recognition model for BH Higher Education institutions and the harmonization of procedures for recognition of foreign higher education qualifications at HEI in BH. The justification for performing this activity is that there is currently no such similar model in BH. Newly created model should be in line with existing European model, in order to achieve alignment and harmonization of the BH legislation pertaining to the recognition of the European legislation. This model should be in accordance with the European Recognition Manual for Higher Education Institutions and Lisbon Recognition Convention, its subsidiary documents, latest EAR (European Area of Recognition) HEI manual and the UNESCO Recommendation on the Recognition of Studies and Qualifications in Higher Education. This model will offer introduction of recognition, recognition process, qualification types, information instruments, mobility, and will be important tool for the process of internationalization and recognition of qualifications. The development of this document and compliance with it is a condition for joining the EHEA and EAR. The development of this model should offer a fair and official recognition of competences acquired abroad, as well as to influence a bigger offer of different incentives for participation in internationalisation and mobility measures. The main input for this activity is the analysis of the literature and analysis of the existing BH practices related to the recognition of qualifications. Indicators of progress of this activity will be reflected in the number of chapters of this model, the number of pages and the number of participants in the making.

The writing of this document will last a total of 20 working days. WP Leader will be responsible for the coordination and implementation of activities. All partners will participate in the implementation of this activity.

This activity requires the printing of the document for all BH project partners, as well as translation services in the local languages (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian). Dissemination of these activities will be done through reporting on implementation by the home institution through the project web portal, reports, the newsletter and distribution of the printed model document for stakeholders at universities, other institutions, and beyond. The leader of this WP will be responsible for the coordination and successful implementation of activities. Continuous communication will be ensured between the EU partners and BH partners through e-mail, skype, and phone or in person.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-08-2016