2.3 Development of internationalisation strategy at all partner universities

The main goal of this activity is the development of strategies for internationalisation and promotion of mobility in accordance with the cultural context of the institution including the participation of all relevant stakeholders (students, teachers and administration). Each BH university should develop their own strategy or upgrade the existing strategy for internationalisation containing the basic elements that would allow greater internationalisation of the institution and the mobility of both staff and institutions. Through the development of this strategy there will be a direct contribution to further expansion of internationalisation. The main reason for conducting this activity is that the accreditation of HEI internationalisation has been evaluated as one of the worst segments. Through this strategy, each BH university should define or redefine strategic objectives and key / critical areas, Key Performance Indicators (next activity), the mechanisms for its implementation and control. The aim is that all strategies are different in their nature and are specifically modelled for each BH University. The basic inputs for this activity are the trained staff in terms of strategy development, different available literature on strategic planning (to be provided by the WP leaders), and the existing system of strategic planning.

Indicators of progress of these activities are reflected in the number of strategic objectives, a number of key / critical areas, and the number of pages of the strategy.

All BH universities will be involved in the implementation of this activity. The total duration of this activity is 25 working days. Each BH University ought to provide funds for the printing of the aforementioned strategies. Similarly, due to the availability of large number of stakeholders, translation services in local languages shall be provided.

WP leader will coordinate the implementation of these activities by providing practical assistance and advisory services.

Dissemination of these activities will be done through reporting on implementation by the home institution through the project web portal, reports, the newsletter and distribution of the printed model document for stakeholders at universities, other institutions, and beyond. The leader of this WP will be responsible for the coordination and successful implementation of activities. Continuous communication will be ensured between the EU partners and BH partners through e-mail, Skype, and phone, or in person.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-12-2016