2.4 Development of internationalisation measures/ indicators at all partner universities

The main goal of this activity is the development of indicators or measures that will illustrate in detail the set strategic objectives which will be linked to the strategy of internationalisation of BH universities. One of the preconditions set forth is the existence of the EHEA Mobility Strategy 2020. Each partner institution should develop its own set of indicators of internationalisation which will be linked to the strategy. Indicators should contribute to the benchmarking of internationalisation to be based on the known measures and indicators that could undertake improvement activities. Indicators of internationalisation are the key factor that needs to point out and monitor the implementation of the strategic goals of activity 2.3. Defining indicators of internationalisation is a contemporary issue in the EHEA, however, it is very important that they stem from the strategy of the institution. They will be divided into qualitative and quantitative. The basic inputs for this activity are the trained personnel and the prepared strategic objectives and key / critical areas that should be linked to the indicators. Indicators of progress of this activity are the total number of the indicators and their quantitative placement by strategic goals. The total duration of this activity is 15 working days. Participants in these activities are all BH project partners. After the indicators have been developed, they will be printed together with the strategy, and then they will be translated into the English language.

Dissemination of these activities will be done through reporting on implementation by the home institution through the project web portal, reports, the newsletter and distribution of the printed strategy for stakeholders at universities, other institutions, and beyond.

WP leader will coordinate the implementation of these activities by providing practical assistance and advisory services. Continuous communication will be ensured between the EU partners and BH partners by e-mail, Skype, and phone, or in person.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-02-2017