2.5 Comparative analysis of developed key documents

The main goal of this activity is to make a comparative analysis of documents and recognition model of BH partner institutions. This training will offer a variety of mechanisms for implementation and control strategies, and monitoring and control developed indicators. This way BH partners will be supported and trained in taking further steps of strategic management (strategic planning, implementation and control) with the presentation of scientific-based models. Also, the EU partners ought to review the documents before the training content is developed and propose possible measures for improvement in terms of the EHEA during the training. The main inputs are a developed recognition model, developed strategies and indicators of internationalisation. Indicators of progress are reflected in the number of trained staff, quality of the final report, and the number of strategies and indicators of internationalisation. Through a questionnaire at the end of the training participant satisfaction will be evaluated, as well as areas of improvement in the next organised event. The seminar will last for four days, with the presence of all project partners. Dissemination will be done through reporting, the project website, and newsletter. The WP leader will be responsible for coordination and communication among partners of this activity by providing practical assistance and advice.

Type: Event, Report

Due date: 15-03-2017