3.1 Procurement of IT equipment for international and students’ offices for B&H universities

The aim of this outcome is to strengthen the internal capacity at all BH universities. Each University should acquire the basic equipment consisting of computers, lap tops, colour printers, projectors, so that specific premises at each University could be used by a larger number of staff and students. Equipping those premises will allow for students and staff more opportunities towards improving mobility, internationalisation of the curriculum, the internationalisation of research, administration, ICT, and so forth. This equipment is of great importance to BH universities because financial resources are mostly limited for infrastructure improvement. The equipment will also be distributed to student offices and offices for international cooperation as they are the crucial offices for dissemination and internationalisation of the institution.

The acquired books should be accessible to a larger number of staff and students. The indicators of progress of this activity will be reflected upon the quantity and quality of procured equipment, as well as the number of purchased literature. This activity will last for three months. The target groups are the BH Universities. Dissemination of these activities will be carried out through the project web site, newsletter, as well as media propaganda.

WP leader will coordinate the implementation of these activities by providing practical assistance and advisory services.

The communication of this activity will be done by the WP leader over the phone, in person or by email and Skype.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-06-2017