3.2 Development rulebook/ guide for university internationalisation

The primary goal of designing the guide is to explain internationalisation in detail and encompass all aspects of internationalisation. The guide should have a significant role for all University staff and students. Each guide should include the policy of internationalisation, the involvement of staff and students in international activities, internationalisation of curriculum, international opportunities for staff and students, the importance of international network, international organization of HEIs, internationalisation ethics and values, and intellectual property. The guide intends to resolve certain problems unclear to BH staff and students in regards to internationalisation. Namely, the concept of internationalisation should be explained in more detail to staff and students so that the concept would be accepted as an important component of the academic and research activities. The input for this activity is the diversity of available literature, as well as the renowned European practices related to the internationalisation of HEI.

Indicators of progress will be reflected upon a number of developed guides, the number of pages, number of chapters, and quality of the document. Total duration of this activity is 20 working days. All BH Universities will be involved In compiling of the guide.

For this outcome, printing costs are foreseen, as well as the costs of translation into local languages, in order to assure quality dissemination.

Dissemination of these activities will be carried out through the project web site, newsletter, as well as the distribution of the guide to University staff and students.

WP leader will coordinate the preparation of the guide and provide practical assistance and advisory services. Coherent communication by and with the WP leader will be an integral part of these activities.

Type: Service/ Product

Due date: 15-05-2017