3.5 Practical workshop at EU partner (P3)

This outcome aims for a practical training for staff and students from BH partner institutions. The host of the training, together with representatives from other work packages, will develop the training Agenda. The Agenda will provide all participants of the training with an insight into international skills required for further in-house trainings of Universities’ staff and students. Given that this is the first of three practical trainings, its theme will different from the previous two. The focus will be international projects, funds, ICT. The ultimate goal is to expand the knowledge and skills of trainees to staff and students, and other partners through practical workshops which will take place in the outcome of activity 3.6. During this training it will be possible to introduce and elaborate on additional topics (upon necessity). Inputs for this outcome are the preparedness of staff and students from BH partner institutions for the training and acquisition of different literature in indicated problem areas. Satisfaction of the training of all participants will be evaluated through a filled out questionnaire. The training will last for five days and will be held in High Wycombe. All project partners are to participate in the training.

All project partners are to participate in the training. Dissemination of this activity will be run by thorough reporting after the training, through the publication of the final report, project website, and newsletter.

WP leader, the University of Zenica, will coordinate the implementation of this activity by communicating to all project partners, in person, by telephone or via e-mail.

Type: Event, Report

Due date: 15-08-2017