4.1 Selection of pilot activities and selection of mentor for each university

Through this outcome each BH University should undertake a selection of pilot activities (minimum of 4 per University) which the institution considers to be the priority, and which are related to the realisation of developed strategy of internationalisation and indicators, as well as with the texts published during the EU study visits. The selected pilot activities should clearly connect the theory, human resources and practical training. All of the activities should be implemented/ applied at each BH University through practical work. After the selection of pilot activities, each BH University will receive one mentor (the EU partners) who will monitor and control the progress of the pilot activities, in order to ensure their effective implementation.

Pilot activities will be proposed by the Office of International Cooperation and student offices and on the basis of a final decision by the management of the University.

Inputs for this activity will be the total number of selected pilot activities, the number of the same or similar pilot activities at Universities, and the number of candidates per one mentor. WP leader, Buckinghamshire New University, should provide coordination and communication of these activities with all project partners in accordance with the communication plan. Dissemination will be done through reporting, web site and newsletters. This activity does not require any costs. The expected duration of the activity is 5 working days. BH universities will select pilot activities and EU partners will mentor the process.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-08-2017