4.2 Creation of template for implementation of selected pilot activities

As support to the selected pilot activities, a template will be designed which will be used for insertion of the pilot activities being implemented. This template anticipates offering a unique form for all pilot activities. The template will define the responsible person/office for a each pilot activity including the basic data, the nature of activities and the time of its execution, activity participants, expected outcomes, cooperation with institutions for the implementation of activities, human resources, equipment used, estimated costs of activities, funding, identifying potential risks, quality control and so forth. Each activity will be inserted in the template and will show the progress of activities at different stages. Inputs for this outcome are selected pilot activities to be inserted in the template. Indicators of progress of this activity will be reflected upon the total number of templates, and the total number of participants who took part in the development of the template. This activity will last for six working days. BH Universities will not participate in this activity. This activity will require translation from the English language into local languages for easy and efficient handling of the documentation.

Dissemination of this activity is done at the institutional level to international students and student offices, through reports, web site and newsletters.

WP leader together with the project coordinator will coordinate the activities of preparation of the template.

Communication will be realized by phone, e-mail and Skype.

Type: Service/ Product

Due date: 15-09-2017