4.3 Implementation of pilot activities at partner universities

In accordance with outcomes 4.1. and 4.2. this outcome relates to the implementation of selected pilot activities under the supervision of the EU partners. International office for cooperation and the Student Office will insert the selected pilot activities in the template under the supervision of the EU partners who will to put them into practice. This practical activity should include the integration of internationalisation at the University of academic programs, faculties and at University level. If certain problems are encountered during implementation, they will be resolved under the supervision of the EU partners. Networking is very important for this activity. Inputs for this activity are the developed templates and inserted data pertaining to pilot activities. Indicators of progress will be reflected in the number of contacts, the number of applied programs, access to various funds, associations and the like. This activity will last for 20 working days. All BH HEI will participate in this activity. Dissemination will be achieved through reports on implemented pilot activities, through web sites, newsletters, and by reporting to the relevant bodies. The effective implementation of these activities should highlight the sustainability of these activities after project completion. The WP leader will coordinate activities together with the project coordinator, providing necessary communication with all involved partners.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-12-2017