4.4 Visits of mentors

With an aim to assure efficient implementation of this outcome, EU partners will visit BH Universities to provide practical support. It will be expected of the EU partners to check the usage and data entry in the designed templates. The EU partner suggestions should point to European practices in the implementation of similar or identical activities. After the visit, Mentors should prepare a report about the implemented pilot activities, with recommendations for improvement. 2 of the EU partners will visit three universities (each) and one of the EU partners will visit two BH universities.

Inputs for this activity are completed templates for pilot activities and practical implementation of the pilot activities by BH universities. Indicators of progress will be reflected in the number of visits, the number of final reports made by the Mentor, and the number of recommendations for improving the quality of work. The Mentor visit will last for five days for each of the EU partners. Preparation of annual reports by the EU Mentors will last a total of 16 working days. The translation of the Mentors’ reports will be provided in local languages for each BH University.

Dissemination will be provided through standard reporting, the website, and newsletter.

Type: Event, Report

Due date: 15-12-2017