4.5 Seminar of benchmarking implemented pilot activities

After a series of implemented project activities and Mentor visits, BH Universities will present the current state at their home institutions. At this training, the EU partners should point out individually to each BH University the segments that need to be improved. All BH universities will be specifically analysed and benchmarking of the implemented pilot activities will be done. This will improve the quality of internationalisation and not only on the basis of the visits and Mentors’ reports, but on the level of cooperation between BH Universities. National authorities should indicate the possible consequences from the national level’s perspective and suggest means of improving the quality of internationalisation at BH universities. Satisfaction of the training of all participants will be evaluated through a filled out questionnaire. The training will last for four days, and the venue will be Bihac. All project partners are foreseen to participate in the organised event. Dissemination will be provided through standard reporting, on the website, newsletter, and reporting to relevant bodies. The sustainability of these activities after the project’s end shall continue through mutual communication of project partners. WP leader will ensure the coordination and communication of activities related to the organisation of the training together with the host institution and project coordinator.

Type: Event, Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-01-2018