5.1 Benchmarking different criteria across Europe about assessing of internationalisation and B&H overview

This seminar will present the opening story in the whole package, because it will be on him to be present all possible criteria for the assessment of internationalization that exist in Europe and beyond. It will also make benchmarking to best practices collected and incorporated in BH criteria. Special methodology will be presented by the ECA to develop these criteria for the evaluation of internationalization. Also, all partners will present and self-critically evaluate the criterion of international cooperation that is very briefly described in the criteria for accreditation of HEIs in B&H. In that manner will contribute to the comprehensiveness of new criteria for the evaluation of internationalization taking into account the existing European context, and their absence in B&H.

The basic inputs in this activity are the existing criteria for accreditation HEIs and study programs in B&H, ECA methodology, analysis of the literature on the criteria of evaluation of internationalization.

This seminar should be at the end to identify a road map that will move production of the criteria for evaluation of internationalization in B&H.

Through a questionnaire will be conducted the evaluation and satisfaction of the participants of the seminar which will be held at the end of the seminar, as well as identify areas for quality improvement.

The seminar will be held in Banja Luka and will last for four days.

Dissemination will be done by reporting on the website and newsletter, as well as standard reporting relevant bodies at the home institutions.

And as for all the other activities of the project coordinator will regularly report to the consortium of the project on all issues relevant to the project.

WP leader will take care of the organization and coordination of seminars, as well as the necessary communication using all available communication options.

Type: Event, Report

Due date: 15-12-2018