5.2 Developing of criteria for assessing internationalisation of University and study programs

In order to ensure an emphasis on internationalization in BH higher education it is necessary to develop a set of criteria for the evaluation of internationalization at the level of institutions and study programs. These criteria, which currently do not exist in BiH, should be a complement to the existing criteria for accreditation of HEIs and study programs in BiH. They need to be developed in a way to cover all relevant segments of functioning of HEIs. Their implementation at the higher education institution would create the preconditions for the identification of quality improvement in the segments that are worse than others. In accordance with the criteria developed, the universities and study programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to do self-evaluation reports, which would be the main input for the assessment of internationalization of the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency of higher education institutions of the Republic of Srpska.

By defining these indicators for monitoring the internationalization of the entity / state level criteria would be developed. Generally, these criteria should refer to teaching, learning, staff, students, internal quality assurance, stakeholder involvement and governance.

Their development is necessary taking into account already implemented accreditation of a number of HEIs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where international cooperation and internationalization, together with research were evaluated as the weakest segment of higher education in BiH.

This activity, the development of these criteria, would be in line with the activities undertaken by ECA. The duration of these activities will be a total of 14 working days.

Dissemination will be made with printing and distribution of printed criteria to academic community in BiH, and a translation into local languages in BiH will also be provided. Project web site and newsletter will be updated with these criteria, and will also contain all relevant state institutions and BH universities to be informed about the implementation of these activities.

The responsibility of the organization, coordination and communication of project activities will be done by the leader of WP.

The sustainability of these criteria will depend primarily on the support of the agency project partners, taking into account that such criteria are proposed by the European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education (ECA).

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-05-2018