5.3 Developing guide for assessing quality in internationalisation

The development of this outcome relates to the preparation of guidelines that will closer explain the definition and use of criteria for the evaluation of internationalization, i.e. a description of what the criteria required of institutions and study programs.

This guide is intended to be a supplement to the assessment of the quality of internationalization, and without requiring the implementation of some new approaches or activities. This guide should be a practical guide to assess the quality of internationalization on the basis of developed criteria for the evaluation of internationalization. It should describe the practical use of these criteria at the level of HEIs and study programs. Its added value is that this guide should highlight the urgency of introducing a system of internationalization at the level of institutions and study programs in order to achieve better mobility and recognition of qualifications with the EHEA.

Basic inputs are developed criteria for the evaluation of internationalization at the level of study programs and institutions.

All partners will participate in the development of this guide to ensure its practical usability.

For this guide costs of printing and translation into local languages will be provided.

Dissemination will be made by distributing this guide to HEIs, staff, students and other users of higher education, followed by the publication of the final report on the website, newsletter and reporting to the relevant authorities, parent institutions of the participants in this activity.

Sustainability will be provided through direct support of the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency of Republic of Srpska HEIs and after project completion.

WP leader will provide the necessary organization and coordination of project activities in order to ensure its effective implementation. The responsibility to communicate these activities is on the WP leader who needs to provide fluent communication between all partners of the participants in the realization of these activities.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-08-2018