6.1 Internal quality control and monitoring

Internal control and monitoring of the project shall be the basis for external control and monitoring. All project partners will be required to regularly at the end of each year of the duration project evaluated the implementation of activities that were previously implemented or are currently underway, and to regularly submit reports of project coordinator and leader of WP. For the purposes of internal control and monitoring will create a special form in which all partners will write down the name of the activity or task, responsibility for the execution of activities, indicators of progress.

Any institutions in B&H will eventually require the three working days to perform these activities per year, a total of nine working days.

Dissemination will be made by placing the report on the project's website and through the newsletter, as well as reporting to the relevant authority’s home institutions on the implementation of project activities in general.

The leader of this pack will ensure the timely implementation of these activities, coordination and necessary communication.

Effective implementation of this package should be reflected in the next outcome 6.2.

Type: Report

Due date: 15-09-2016, 15-09-2017, 14-09-2018