6.2 External quality control and monitoring

Within the external control and monitoring of EU partners will be responsible for visiting B&H partners and for writing external reports, to ensure external supervision of the project in accordance with the European practice of project management. At the end of each year by one of the EU partner will come to an external control and monitoring of the project. After visiting and access to internal reports of the EU partners will write to external inspection reports and monitoring. The external form will be in accordance with the internal forms plus the descriptive part of the flaws or good practices observed in the functioning of the project partners.

The one of the EU partner will visit each year the B&H project partners, and then write an external report.

WP leader Instituto Politecnico do Porto should provide organization, coordination and implementation of communication and these activities and activities 6.1.

Dissemination will be provided through the project website, newsletter reporting of consortium as well as relevant bodies home institutions.

The leader of the packages will be responsible for the printing of the annual external reporting.

Type: Event, Report

Due date: 14-10-2016, 16-10-2017, 10-10-2018