7.1 Development of dissemination and sustainability plan during project lifetime

At the beginning of the project a detailed dissemination plan will be defined in order to provide a wider acquaintance with the project and project activities by the wider community and the benefits that can bring, especially the academic community BH universities. Dissemination should be provided for each activity. All project partners have to comply with dissemination plan during the project. Dissemination plan will be published on the website and available in a newsletter.

Together with the dissemination plan and a sustainability plan will be created that should ensure the sustainability of the project activities during the project in order to avoid indifference of the project partners, and that project, from its beginning, is incorporated in the regular functioning of the project partners.

WP leader will be responsible for coordinating and constantly informing all project partners on compliance with and implementation of the dissemination of project activities during the project. Sustainability plan is to link the implementation of project activities with the regular functioning of the University.

These plans will be presented at the Kick-off meeting, which will be partly corrected and improved by the project partners in relation to the original proposed version. Over time, they will be revised.

Type: Report

Due date: 13-11-2015, 15-08-2016, 14-04-2017, 15-12-2017