7.10 Internal university workshop dissemination

This activity is planned maintaining internal workshops at all B&H universities. Trained personnel from the outcome 3.3, 3.4, 3.5. with the help of university management should conduct practical training internal staff from different departments and students on the topic of outcome 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, or by mobility and internationalization of curricula, networking, different internationalisation models, internationalisation ethics and values, intellectual property, international projects, funds, ICT.

At each university should be trained at least 50 people.

The broad objectives of practical workshops and internal workshops are to train human resources in order to be able to implement changes and to manage the institution in accordance with the basic principles of internationalization. Dissemination must be implemented across the entire institutions.

Inputs for this outcome are training material and personnel trained at EU universities. Indicators of progress for this outcome are the total number of internal staff who will be trained on issues of internationalization, the total number of trained staff at universities.

Through a questionnaire will be conducted the evaluation of satisfaction of the participants of the seminar which will be held. The training will last for as many days as B&H university finds that it is sufficient (at least one working day).

Dissemination will be done through reporting to the home institution after the completion of workshops at all universities, through the publication of the final report, through the project website, newsletter.

Each B&H university should coordinate the implementation of these activities by providing practical assistance and advisory services to the communication with all the interested stakeholders, personally or via e-mail.

Type: Training material, Event, Report

Due date: 15-12-2017