7.3 Dissemination through design and maintenance newsletter

The website will be updated by creating and maintaining a newsletter during the project. This electronic publication, which is also a marketing tool of the project, will contain all the basic elements essential for the promotion of the project. WP leader will be responsible for its development, constant maintenance, publication. In addition to project activities, various reports related to the project, this electronic publication will include news related to internationalization and recognition of qualifications.

The benefits of this newsletter will be provided to all project partners in order to be constantly informed about the latest news and current events.

This activity will last a total of 60 working days for three years duration of the project and for its establishment and maintenance will be responsible leader WP. It will be published every 3 months.

Type: Report, Service/ Product

Due date: 15-01-2016,15-04-2016, 15-07-2016,14-10-2016, 16-01-2017, 14-04-2017,14-07-2017,16-10-2017, 15-01-2018, 13-04-2018, 16-07-2018,15-10-2018