7.6 Dissemination conference

Dissemination Conference will be held in East Sarajevo at the end of the project. It will last for four days. At this conference all project partners will present the realized project results and plans for sustainability after project completion, with particular emphasis on the European perspective of B&H partners. This conference will be attended by students from universities in B&H. The public presentations will take the form of presentations from members of all project partners and will include enough time for questions from the audience and discussions. A special discussion will be conducted about related the sustainability of project results after the end of the project, in order to continue good project practices and to comply with the EHEA mobility strategy in 2020 with a model of recognition of qualifications with the EHEA. At this conference will be introduced the network of project partners with the manner of functioning and after the project activities.

Dissemination of this conference will be media coverage, as well as published on the website and through the newsletter.

Type: Event, Report

Due date: 10-10-2018