7.8 Development of integrated statement policy about internationalisation for each partner

Each B&H project partner will create a statement on internationalization to express commitment to this process, which should be linked to the recognition of qualifications. The statement should provide both affect the viability of the project after project completion. It will be created the rule book of the Rectorate of the university with organizational units about the internationalization and model for the recognition of qualifications, in order to ensure sustainability after project completion.

The leader of the WP should provide layout forms such statements in consultation with all project partners.

Through these activities shall be conducted and meetings with representatives of ministries, agencies and accreditation centre for information and recognition of qualifications in order to fully support and help B&H HEIs to increase funds for internationalization, engaging in international associations and networks, and the formal adoption of a Criteria for assessment internationalization in accordance with the recommendations of the ECA.

This activity will last a total of five working days (universities, agencies, and the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications).

The leader of the WP should provide organization, coordinate the activities with the provision of the necessary communication with all project partners.

Type: Report

Due date: 14-09-2018