8.2 Consortium meetings

Project Consortium board (PCB) will have responsibility for planning, directing, strategic management, monitor and control of the project implementation. PCB will be the high level decision making body consisted of all project partners (areas: project’s contents, work plan and budget) and will be chaired by project coordinator. Decision of PCB will be made on the base of consensus. The PCB will normally meet at the start of the project (kick off meeting) and three times at the end of each the project year; obviously for urgent matters additional ad-hoc meetings will be called and other communication channels (e-mail, video/web/teleconferencing) will be used.

PCB meetings will be held in Porto, Sarajevo and High Wycombe, each of which will last for four days.

Dissemination will be done through reporting and updating the project web site and newsletter.

Planning organization and control of these meetings will be provided by project coordinator KU Leuven.

The Executive Board (EB) will be responsible for the overall strategic and academic management and report directly to the PCB. The EB will execute the decisions of the PCB and monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the project. Minutes of EB meetings, will be sent to the PCB members for information. The EB will be composed of the WP leaders. The EB will during all meetings as well as I PCB meeting and in addition upon written request of any member of the EB in the case of an emergency situation. Whenever possible, electronic means will be used instead of physical meetings.

Type: Event, Report

Due date: 14-10-2016, 16-10-2017, 10-10-2018