Project Organizational Structure

STINT management structure is established in order to address partnership, contractual and technical issues and to support the achievement of the project objectives. During establishing the management structure special attention was paid to adoption of strengths from previous similar management structure from past projects and especially elimination of weaknesses. Management structure is established (consortium, executive board, procedures, tools) in order to ensure financial and contractual management consortium.

The role of each subject in the organizational structure is to provide efficient and successful realization of planned activities in cooperation with other project partners.

Proposed organizational structure is created on the way that has to ensure effectiveness, decisiveness, flexibility and quality of work.

Organizational structure contains Project coordinator, National coordinator, project consortium board and executive board.

EACEA - At European level, the European Commission's Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (Executive Agency) is responsible for the implementation of the centralized Actions of the Erasmus+ Programme. The Executive Agency is in charge of the complete life-cycle management of these projects, from the promotion of the Programme, the analysis of the grant requests, the monitoring of projects on the spot, up to the dissemination of the project and Programme results. It is also responsible for launching specific calls for proposals relating to some Actions of the Programme which are not covered through this Guide.

Project coordinator - STINT will be coordinated by KU Leuven, who will be responsible for ensuring that the overall project objectives are met and that all costs and milestones are in-line with the budgets and the provided timeline. KU is legally and financially responsible for administering the project grant, drawing the attention of all partners to contractual rules and to releasing money only for the purposes allowed by contract. Also, the project coordinator has responsibility to manage, coordinate and monitor the project activities and with regard to timetable, assess achievement of the planned endpoints and coordinate appropriate records of activities.

National coordinator – STINT will be sub-coordinated as support to the coordinator. The main tasks of national coordinator will be support to coordinator in planning, organization, coordination and control project activities for BH project partners. National coordinator has to clarify and to help to all project partners in solving different issues at national level. National coordinator is responsible to the project coordinator.

Project consortium board (PCB) will be the high level decision making body consisted of all project partners (areas: project’s contents, workplan and budget) and will be chaired by the project coordinator.

Executive Board (EB) will be responsible for the overall strategic management and report directly to PCB. EB will be consisted of all eight WP leaders. WP leaders have the responsibility for coordination of individual WP and monitoring deliverables and planned milestones related to their WP.

All project partners, in accordance with the Quality Policy Paper, are responsible for the implementation of all project activities at its institutions, as well as for dissemination and for sustainability particularly after the project lifetime.